To truly provide consistent, uncompromising excellence in the customer experience, a world-class business aviation provider must control all aspects of the experience.  The aircraft should be securely positioned out of the elements.  The customer should be transported to within steps of the aircraft.  The boarding process should be welcoming, reassuring and comfortable. Every need attended; every question answered.  A private location is essential, safe and secure, away from unwanted public attention.  Welcome to L.J. Aviation’s newest facility at Pittsburgh International Airport.

The L.J. Aviation Pittsburgh International Airport facility features a large, modern hangar with beautifully appointed common areas.  A spacious, relaxing passenger lounge where you and your guests can meet and enjoy refreshments.  Private meeting rooms, including a large elegant conference room, where you can conduct undisturbed meetings – utilizing the most up-to-date communications technologies. 

Our new Pittsburgh International Airport facility offers L.J. Aviation clients:

  • 24-Hour Availability

  • On Airport Customs Clearance During Normal Customs Business Hours

  • Refueling Services for L.J. Aviation Clients Only

  • Line Maintenance Services for L.J. Aviation Clients Only

  • A Comfortable, Luxurious Waiting Area with Satellite Television

  • Business Suite with Private Phones and Internet

  • Pilot Break Room

  • Private Conference Room

  • WSI Pilot Brief II

  • Courtesy Car

  • Highly Experienced and customer dedicated Staff Ready to Fulfill Every Requirement

Reach out to us anytime at +1-888-552-4278 (888LJcharter) Ext. 4001
Our experienced Customer Service Team is available 24/7