Return-to-Service Aircraft Maintenance
Status and Tracking


Commercial client services...

For our commercial clients (OEMs, Aircraft Leasing Companies and Financial Institutions) who are seeking temporary or long-term storage of their aviation assets, L.J. Aviation offers a complete range of services to meet all your requirements:

Return-to-Service Aircraft Maintenance Status and Tracking

The cornerstone of L.J. Aviation’s Commercial Client Services is our established process for evaluating, maintaining and storing third party aircraft that are being returned from service to banks, leasing companies or other client entities who have ownership of the asset. This complete care, custody and control service of our commercial client’s asset includes:

  • Comprehensive Aircraft Induction Inspection and Evaluation
  • Onsite Management & Supervision of all Required Inspections
  • Maintenance Administration and Tracking via CAMP, GCMP, etc.
  • Performance of Routine Maintenance and 14-day Engine Runs
  • Interior & Exterior of Aircraft Maintained in Demonstration Ready Status
  • Ample Storage Available for Aircraft Up to BBJ Size Aircraft
  • On Demand Aircrew Availability for Demonstration Flights or Aircraft Relocation